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Car Window Tinting

If you want your car to be a perfect one then you must get the car windows tinted. There are numerous reasons to get tinted widows in the car for example security, privacy, style, protection etc.

Privacy no one would disagree that tinted windows are excellent for the privacy in the car. If you have dark windows, no stranger can see inside the car, especially if a female is sitting in the car, no one could see her to get fresh. It is ideal for the couples who want privacy on special events especially when all the parks, restaurants and dating spots are already crowded.

Glare protection while driving in the day time it becomes very difficult to see properly because of the sun glare. People who do not use sun glasses get irritated by the glare getting in their eyes and can’t have proper view.

Skin protection every one knows that the constant exposure to sun is not good for skin and the sun rays are the cause of premature skin aging, so you can be protected from the harmful sun rays by getting the car windows tinted.

Interior dark windows protect the interior from the getting spoilt by the bright sun light. Cars that have leather seats should have tinted windows to be protected. At times the material used in the car like console or the parts of music system, can be harmed due to the strong sun rays.

Security of course it is good to have tinted windows for security reasons in many ways for example you can leave your child in the car for a small span and do your work. At times your valuable things in the car can tempt the trespassers and urge them to snatch or steal.

Glass protection the tinted sheet works as a protection shield for the glass. You must have noticed that when a car screen gets smashed, its small pieces can be found many times in the car even after cleaning by vacuum cleaner. Actually the tinted sheet binds the glass or holds the window during the breakage.

Saves energy as it keeps the interior from the sun and keeps the temperature down inside the car so you would not need to use car AC much.

Style of course all of us wants our cars to look stylish and the dark windows bring a style into the car and make the car look cool. When ever you see a poster of a car mostly they have tinted windows. It is just because dark windows give a stylish and glamorous impact.

Therefore if you do not have tinted windows, you must get them.

Smash and Grab

Has this ever happened to you? You are driving down the street, there are a few cars around but no traffic. You slow down as you reach the stop street ahead. Just before you come to a complete stop, you hear a loud bang and the sound of glass breaking. Before you know what is happening you are covered in glass and a hand is reaching in and grabbing your handbag that you put on the passenger seat. Next minute a person is running away with your possessions and you are left sitting there covered in glass and shaken to the core.

Perhaps it was your cell phone that was taken, your jewelry, your laptop bag or even your car – whatever the details, the overall story is the same. Smash and grabs happen all the time, every day. If you have ever been victim of this violence you know that it can be extremely traumatic and make you nervous and cautious every time you drive.

In this day and age, where smash and grabs are so common, it seems foolish not to safe guard against something that can be prevented. Anti-smash and grab films can be applied easily on car windows nowadays. Although it may seem like a small change that is ineffective, I started doing research on the benefits and found out that instead of just reducing the impact of someone smashing your window, it is actually impossible to break the glass.

Call me paranoid but to me that has a lot of appeal – especially as a woman who drives around a lot alone. I am one of those terribly unobservant people who is completely unaware of their surroundings until something dramatic happens. Unfortunately I know that makes me an easy target. I have so many friends and relatives who know what it is like to have their windows smashed and personal possessions stolen from them right in front of their eyes. They all say the same thing, “It happened so quickly!”

With the constant threat of smash and grabs lurking on the road, perhaps it is time for us all to take charge of our own safety. I’m a firm believer in the saying, “Every bit helps,” and if adding an extra safety feature on my car gives me more peace of mind I am all for paying the little bit extra if it keeps me or my family members just that little bit safer.

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