How To Do Wonders With Your Windows

Spice up your home and be the envy of your neighborhood and friends. Window frosting film will give you your own unique look and made exactly the way you see it. Any design you can imagine can be cut and installed throughout your home or business. Make a statement today.

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Windows are such an important feature of every home that it’s hard to imagine how the early pioneers survived in their rustic cabins with tiny windows. These small windows often didn’t even have glass, as glass was so expensive at the time. The cabins were terribly dark and gloomy in the winter, as the open windows had to be permanently shuttered.

Homeowners today can choose from hundreds of attractive windows to complement their home’s decor, increase curb appeal, and of course provide plenty of natural light. But large, attractive windows, giving you a great view of the outside world, also mean that people can see into your home.

There is a secret to achieving the look of expensive etched glass for less. Decorate your windows with vinyl window film.

Normally, when you think of something to block the sun from coming into your house, blinds and curtains are the usual things that come to mind. Most people are unaware that besides curtains, blinds, and draperies, there are the decorative window films, which are wonderful and multi-functional decor for the windows.

Adding Frosted Window Film

Change your windows look by adding frosted window film to them. They now come in many different styles, colors and designs. I’m sure you could find one that can add some wow to your home.

Frosted glass film can serve multiple purposes for your home. Besides making a decorative statement, it also gives you some privacy, especially if you have neighbors living right next to you. This will increase your privacy without having to lower your shades and then preventing light from coming into the room. Another great thing is that it can help lower your cooling costs. By using a good quality window film, it can filter out UV rays that can be harmful to you and to your rug and furniture. It will also cut down on the amount of sun that enters your home, hence keeping your house cooler without having to keep your air conditioner running.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative window films are thin sheets of non-adhesive plastic of various colors, patterns, and designs that you can stick to your glass doors and windows to give your window a magnificent view and your room an elegant look. Etched glass window film contains finely ground glass dust that mimics the beautiful sparkle and glitter of a genuine frosted glass. This is in fact very popular with interior designers, decorators, and homeowners because it is easy to apply and it has various styles that can fit any window or door.

If you want to impress your guests with how sophisticated and classy your house is, installing etched glass films on your windows can achieve that goal. Their unique patterns make people look the second time around on every glass door and window where they are applied. You may opt for the classic abstract and geometric designs or the attractive flower, leaves, and vines for windows. Some designs involve the cannabis leaves, ornamentals, and pebble see-through etched glass, which are perfect for any room depending on the style that you want.

More than the decorative purposes of putting window tint films on your glass is a great way to block the sun, protect your privacy, and block unwanted views into your home. Similar to tints on car windows, decorative window films prevents the harmful UV rays from entering your house but still allows light enter your room. Light is dispersed softly, thus creating a relaxing atmosphere in the room.

Frosted Window Film

Applying an adhesive film, or tint, to the inside of your windows can increase your privacy while still allowing some natural light to come in. There are many shades to choose from. However, the window film will affect your view. Some window films can be installed by the homeowner, though some must be installed professionally. Window films are also a good option for bathroom windows. The advantage of window films is they are much less expensive than frosted glass.

Frosted Window Film Designs

Other popular designs that can definitely upgrade the look of your house include stained glass window film, privacy film for window, frosted glass films for window, colored deco tint, and decorative accents. For example, colored deco tints have colors added to them, which you can match with the hues of your wall paint. Decorative accents include borders, centerpieces, and corners, which are great for design purposes rather than privacy or UV protection.

If you want to achieve that sophisticated look for your room without paying too much, use decorative tints like etched glass window film. Decorative window films are economical, functional, and are great alternatives to your usual window draperies.

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